White Fillings

Do you need a filling, but still want a white smile?

Tooth coloured fillings enable you to maintain your beautiful white smile. A filling is a restorative material used to artificially return the function and integrity to your tooth after decay. We offer tooth coloured or white fillings from both our Thornlands and Labrador locations.

It is no longer necessary for unsightly amalgam (mercury) fillings to be used in your dental filling treatment. Tooth coloured or white fillings can make your teeth appear whiter, brighter and healthier than before, while actually repairing the health of your tooth simultaneously. Tooth coloured fillings are not only limited to new dental repairs, older restorations may also be replaced.

The benefits of receiving white fillings can include:

  • This restoration is mercury free and completely safe
  • White fillings often require less removal of your tooth than amalgam fillings
  • Often you will regain much of the strength that your original tooth had before the decay
  • White fillings can blend in with your natural teeth or enhance the white appearance of the tooth

Receiving your white filling

Once our dental professionals have identified the presence of tooth decay we will assess whether a filling would be the most suitable option for your dental concern. Receiving a white filling can be quite a simple and comfortable procedure when performed by a trained professional. In most cases your treatment will be completed within 25 minutes, depending of course on the degree of your tooth’s decay.

We will ensure that you receive the adequate pain management treatment before we begin to remove the decay from your tooth. Once all the decaying material has been removed we can begin to fill the hole left behind with the white composite material.

White fillings vs amalgam fillings

There is much discussion within the dental industry in regard to the use of amalgam fillings, commonly known as ‘silver fillings’. One important factor in this discussion is the potential that the level of mercury in the fillings can be harmful to some people, especially if swallowed. We believe that white fillings are beneficial as they those pose no threat to your health, as well as they blend seamlessly into your smile without any visible sign that you have received a restoration.

It is important to correct the early development of tooth decay before the decay becomes more serious and requires the tooth to be extracted. By addressing this concern before it worsens you can ultimately safeguard your dental health and potentially save yourself money and time.

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