Dental Anxiety

Are you nervous about your next dental appointment?

Treating anxious patients is an important part of our practice, both in our Thornlands and our Labrador locations. At TFI Dentistry we understand that dental treatment can be daunting and because of this we offer a number of methods to help you relax.

We have a number of options available to ensure that your dental experience is comfortable and that you are feeling relaxed. With the help of nitrous oxide (commonly known as happy gas), relaxation music, tea and coffee refreshments and gentle treatment by our friendly team, we can help to make your next dental experience more pleasant.

Nitrous oxide and pain management options

We offer a number of pain and anxiety management options from both of our practices. For nervous patients who are undergoing less extensive treatments, nitrous oxide is offered at both our dental practices in order to help our patients relax throughout their treatment. The nitrous oxide (Happy gas) is inhaled, allowing our patients to attain a state of relaxation throughout their treatment.

Our Thornlands and Labrador practices

Both our Labrador and Thornlands dental professionals pride themselves on providing expert, gentle and compassionate care which can often help to eliminate dental anxiety.

Preferred BUPA Provider agreement at Thornlands Practice only.