Straighten your smile comfortably, efficiently and subtlety

At TFI Dentistry in Thornlands and Labrador we strive to help our patients each achieve a smile they can be proud of. Orthodontic treatment is an excellent way to achieve not only an aesthetically pleasing smile, but also to achieve sound dental health.

During your initial consultation we can take you through the treatment that is best suited to your smile and your lifestyle. There are a number of discreet and innovative orthodontic treatments available in modern day orthodontics to help you achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile discreetly.

The potential concerns about crooked teeth and misalignments

While crooked teeth and a misaligned bite can cause some visual concerns for our patients, these concerns can also potentially prompt a number of dental health conditions. A misaligned bite as well as crooked teeth can affect your overall facial appearance, as well as:

  • Make your dental hygiene routine more complicated, which can potentially cause poor dental hygiene
  • Restrict your chewing abilities
  • Impinge on your speech and oral function
  • Place an added strain on your jaw, as well as your gums and teeth

We believe it is important to correct these concerns before they progress to any of the above conditions. Our dental professionals can walk you through your orthodontic options to find a treatment that suits you best.

At TFI Dentistry we are able to treat your Orthodontic requirements in house at Thornlands. Book an appointment today so we can access and prescribe the best option for you needs.

Preferred BUPA Provider agreement at Thornlands Practice only.