General Dentistry

We believe that preventing the development of dental concerns is always more beneficial then correcting them

Here at TFI Dentistry we believe that preventive oral care is the best way to keep your teeth healthy for a life time. Regular check-ups enable our dental professionals to spot oral problems early which in turn make them much easier to treat. From our Thornlands and Labrador locations we offer the full spectrum of general and preventative dentistry to ensure that our patients are maintaining excellent dental health.

General check-up appointments

At TFI Dentistry we recommend that everyone should have a check-up every six months. At a check-up our dentists will examine your teeth for cavities as well as assess the health of your gums, in order to prevent gum disease and bone loss.

We provide a full scale and polish at every check-up. We will also advise on the best oral maintenance for your individual needs to keep everything healthy between check-ups. We believe these check-ups are a key practise in maintaining sound dental health as we can help prevent the advancement of any minor dental conditions.

Identifying the potential development of dental concerns

By attending a six monthly general check-up our dental professionals can identify the development of any potentially harmful dental conditions before they escalate into a more serious concern. These are concerns such as gingivitis (gum disease) and decay which can often go unnoticed until the problem has intensified. By ensuring we detect these conditions quickly we can help to save you money as well as safeguard your dental health.

Periodontal health

Your gums play a central role in your dental health, thus it is important to maintain excellent periodontal health in order to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime.  Gingivitis, or early gum disease, is a common problem experienced by many of our patients. If we notice this condition in your check-up we can give your teeth and gums a thorough clean and suggest some tips for at-home gum hygiene maintenance in order to correct the concern.

If gingivitis is ignored you leave yourself venerable to the development of periodontist, a more serious and developed form of gum disease. Periodontist can affect your dental health in a number of potentially harmful ways and in serious cases can even lead to tooth loss. By identifying concerns such as these in the early stages of development we can ensure that the treatment process is simple and comfortable.

OPG Dental X-Rays (Orthopantomogram)

OPG’s are x-rays of the lower face, teeth and jaws, which provide a panoramic view of the mouth, teeth and bones of the upper and lower jaws. An OPG demonstrates the number, position and growth of all teeth including those who have not yet surfaced, revealing potential problems with the jawbone and joint, also known as the Temporomandibular joint or TMJ. This treatment is available now at our Thornlands practice, and is soon to be available at our Labrador practice. Used in the planning of orthodontic treatment, the assessment of wisdom teeth or for a general overview of the teeth, OPG’s are extremely valuable to those wishing to improve their oral health.

Our team have taken a number of steps to ensure that each and every dental experience at both our Thornlands and Labrador practices is both comfortable and efficient for our patients. We have put in place a number of different steps to ensure our patients feel at ease in our practice. These extra steps are partnered with our skilled care and our state-of-the-art dental technology to ensure that you receive the very best in dental care.

Preferred BUPA Provider agreement at Thornlands Practice only.